In our company we have defined our business policy to work towards climate protection and sustainability in the frame work of Paris Convention of 2015 on Climate Change. It is our social and corporate responsibility to reduce negative effects on people and the environment due to emissions of Green House Gas

To achieve our above goals:

  • Promote technology and solutions helping reduction in carbon emissions
  • Procure and trade the goods-producing very low-emission or climate-neutral energy
  • Endeavor to adopt principals of Circular Economy as defined by UNIDO (
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation in industry
  • Optimization and Enhancement of Plant Performance and Energy Systems
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Electrical & Hydrogen Fuel based Mobility
  • Impart Training and Skill Developmenta

Products & Technology Solutions promoted by Anmol subscribing to above principles:

  1. Reduction of emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from thermal power plants
  2. Reduction of emissions of Oxides of Sulphur
  3. Reduction in carbon emissions through High Ampacity electrical conductors
  4. Glass Insulators for transmission lines – 100% recyclable
  5. Bio Mass combustion
  6. Solar renewable products & components
  7. Solar Inverters and Lithium-Ion Batteries
  8. Supercritical technology-based CFBC technologies with very limited carbon emissions