In our company we have defined our business policy to work towards climate protection and sustainability in the framework of Paris Convention of 2015 on Climate Change. It is our social and corporate responsibility to reduce negative effects on people’s health and the environment caused by harmful emissions of Green House Gas.

To achieve our
above goals:

  • Promote technology and solutions to help reduction in carbon emissions
  • Procure and trade the goods-producing very low-emission or climate-neutral energy
  • Endeavour to adopt principles of Circular Economy as defined by UNIDO (
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation in industry
  • Optimization and Enhancement of Plant Performance and Energy Systems
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Energy Storage and Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Electrical & Hydrogen Fuel-based Mobility


  • Technology Outreach
  • Networking with like-minded products and principals
  • Delivery of clean energy and green energy systems
  • Training and Skill Developmental in environmental technologies and products